All I get are crashes for the most part

I have 3 different machines setup with CC. 2 are Windows 10, the other one is Windows 7. After working on several files all I get is a big crash when I try to simulate or make g-code. I gave up on a few files and started over, with nothing in shared between them. I still get a crash. Try loading dx files, get errors about it was expecting a table and got a string. I have spent a lot of time with this software, now not so sure to continue with it. It is wasting so much time. Very, very frustrating. Running build 308. Anyone else feeling like a crash test dummy here?

Never seen what you’re experiencing myself. Can you upload one of the files that’s giving your trouble? What versions of CC are you using? Screenshots of the error messages? Have you contacted support yet?

I may have figured it out. On a hunch I decided to closely look at each toolpath. I hold the courser over each one and watch it glow on the drawing. 2 did not. So I disabled those two and wholla! no crash. Apparently those areas were removed but the toolpaths remained. This would be an example of code, meaning CC, written without knowing how to handle errors. This needs to go into a future version.

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That’s great that you found the issue. Can you supply the CC file here or to support so that a root cause can be found?

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