All inputs that went to make up a component editable

When you create a new component say via grayscale, you have many parameters to adjust the look, such as depth angle, height, scale etc.

But when you want to edit it afterwards, you are only able to change only 3 namely name, Merge Type and Base Height.

I often want to edit either for experimentation of error correction any of the other ones. A simple task as editing the height of a grayscale-image created component one has to delete the component reselect the vector (if you one remembers which one was used), import the image again and then change the parameter one wants to change.

Often you want to change a parameter relative to previous one, and if the value of the previous one was something like 2.678 well you better remember that when you come to edit because there is no record of that value anywhere in CC!


Unfortunately this has been asked many times but the only response has been to try and put the “parameters” into the component name and thus “totally recreate” that component if/when needed. Seems strange that that can’t get back to the original parameter screen with all the inputs but… :frowning:

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