Allow BitSetter location with nearby PARKing

This was requested within the forums, but never posted here in the feature request section - so to formalize it:

With the latest releases of CM, the PARK position to change bits has been changed to sit on the right side. The explained logic is that the larger machines make it difficult to change bits in the middle of the board, plus the time taken to travel to and from the bitsetter location has become a nuisance.

The issue is that the new location is not convenient in all cases - particularly if the machine is positioned with its right side against a wall - which makes changing bits during tiling operations (where the workpiece extends in front of the machine) impossible.

The following solution is proposed to handle the problem while retaining the intended remedies:

  • Allow the BitSetter position to be user-selected - anywhere across the front of the machine.
  • Improve the positioning travel while setting the bitsetter location by using larger steps to allow a rapid travel across the machine (the current one-step increment is brutal - maybe allow a larger travel step if the key is held down, and fine tune to single steps with single clicks)
  • Let CM set the PARK position in a location relative to the BitSetter location. Could be directly in front of the bitsetter, or slighly offset towards the middle of the unit
  • For customers who do not have a bitsetter, allow Left/Center/Right parking locations

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