Allow embedding of font when saving

Well there went several hours of prep work… Is it possible you can look at embedding the font when saving carbide create files so if you open it on another computer it does not substitute the font? I created the file on one computer but opened it on the one attached to the shapeoko4 to break the tool paths into the main carve (z-zero on top) vs the cutout (z-zero on bottom)… Turns out the font I used on my main design computer is not on the laptop attached to CNC so it substituted a font with no messages or indications… Yes I should have caught it in the preview but was not aware it would cause issues…

Needless to say… would be great when you save a file if there was a preference to also embed any font used in that file so if that is opened on any other machine it will be as designed…

Now to get back to prepping the sign all over…

I don’t know about CC, but Vectric products had a way to convert fonts to their vector equivalents. That’s better than “embedded” as you wished for.

Perhaps CC has a variant of this process?

The design of the font should be captured in the Toolpaths, so, so long as the .c2d file is not opened/edited, the font(s) should not be necessary — it’s only opening/modifying the file in Carbide Create which requires the font.

You can convert the type to paths so that the font is not needed (but only do this if no further text editing is required):

We bundle a fair number of fonts into Carbide Create — if you limit your font usage to those, they will be present on any machine which has that version of Carbide Create.

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