Allow more than one project open at a time

Allowing more than one project open at a time would be helpful so I can compare my speeds and feeds on similar projects, among other things.

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You can have multiple instances of CC open. They are independent sessions though not in a single window.


It doesn’t work for me. When I already have a project open and try to open another project, it asks me to save my current project. Then it closes it and opens the new project window. The other window is nowhere to be found. It closed it.

CC Pro Version:
Build 757, Built on: 2023-03-17
Using a MacBook Pro

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Hmm. I run on Windows. We will need one of the other Mac guys to chime in.

To run multiple copies on the Mac you will need to have multiple copies of the binary, either under different names, or in different locations.

On Windows 11 I often find 2 copies of CC running. I open it and then open a file and when I close I often find a blank CC windows below. So for Windows it works. I guess you could open as many as you wanted until you run out of memory.

This hint here may also help if you are comfortable with basic command line usage:

For example, if the Data Center software is located on the user’s Desktop, using the following command in the Terminal will open a new instance of the Data Center software.

open -n "/Users/user/Desktop/Data"

The Google phrase I used was
apple mac multi instance application


That is not user friendly. I guess it can be done, but I hope this gets fixed in the near future so you don’t have to do a workaround to open 2 at once.

I posted a similar new feature request a few months ago, but for a different reason. There have been several times when I wanted to create a new project using borrowed work (that is cutting and pasting) from other projects. (Reuse is a big time saver.) Sometimes I’ve dealt with the problem by creating a kind of “master project” that includes lots of related shapes and tool paths, then trimming away unwanted parts from a copy of the master. Of course, this solution isn’t useful unless you can anticipate everything you need in the master. I’ve also managed to use Will’s workaround, but at best it seems unnatural (macOS, unlike old-time Windows, originated from the concept of multiple windows per application.) I would also suggest that the use of application clones becomes impractical as the number of source projects increases.

In short, this is one of my top requests for a new feature.

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On Windows you can have multiple open but even then you can’t cut and paste elements between the open sessions.

Cullen, I didn’t mean to imply that cut and paste worked across parallel instances of CC on macOS, either; because it doesn’t. I should have said only that it is possible to run multiple parallel instances of CC.

I just inferred from what you described that was one of the use cases that you would like multiple instances for.

I typically have 3 or 4 open at once as I am comparing settings between them. I wish cut and paste worked but I just import one Cc file into another and then eliminate the portions I don’t want including the toolpaths that came with it.

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Yes, thanks. Import deserves to to be included in this discussion, and I sometimes use your technique. But like my suggestion of a master file, import can get messy in the sense that importing a complicated project is often followed by a lot of shape and toolpath deletions. I also confess that my mind is trained to think of import as an operation on largely completed works (like images, music, stl files, and svg files), while I think of copy and paste when moving smaller parts like shapes and toolpaths. That said, CC imports c2d helpfully by automatically selecting the entire collection of imported shapes and by creating a new group for each collection of imported toolpaths.

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