Allow selection of locked object

I would like to be able to have a reference layer that is locked and still be used with the alignment tools, etc.

I have created a template layer with labels and hole locations. I use it when laying out related projects. If I want to line up a new item, perhaps a larger clearance hole to be drilled, I will use the center-to-another feature. Unfortunately, I can’t select the locked item. I need to unlock the layer first, just to select it as a reference item. I also need to unlock the layer to find out the center coordinates, dimensions, etc. So I do a lot of the sequence: “L”, Unlock layer, select item, use it as a reference, “L”, lock layer. Occasionally I forget to re-lock the layer then accidentally delete or move something.

Could we make the layer locking be more of a “read-only” type of operation? One would not be able to change any parameters, but one could still select it for reference. Perhaps make its highlight color be something other than orange to make people aware they can’t change anything and it can only be referenced.

This would also solve the request someone made to allow measurements of locked items.

I can think of one minor issue:
Currently “select all” does not select locked items and this would need to continue. Selection of read-only items should only happen when explicitly selecting them. Otherwise “select all” and “move” would fail.


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If you need the dimensions of an object on a locked layer use the Measure tool:

That only works for getting measurements and only if it lets me get to the lines. It seems to snap to the nearest grid line. I don’t know how to turn off “snap to grid”.


Uncheck View | Snap to Grid:

I just found it in “View”.

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