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Nomad is on order., but I already have a few questions.
1 - What it the footprint of the mill? I need to build a table for it. Are there any premaid options around 30 inches square. I need to keep it compact, my machine shop (spare bedroom) is pretty fully.
2 - What are you using for a computer? I was thinking about a small desktop with maybe with a touch screen monitor.

I am sure I will have many more questions. I am not new to machining but new to CNC. I have been working on my Fusion CAM skills.

Any advice will be appreciated. notes:

20 x 20 inch footprint

Newbie with a basic question - How big in the base of the 883 Pro? notes:

18.5" deep x 17-1/16" wide x 16.375" tall

and Nomad Overall Size notes:

Bamboo: 434mm wide , 472mm deep, 415mm high

The community has some notes on computer configurations at: — the official requirements are at: — touch tablets work well, and there’s a tablet interface option as well as a web interface if you wish to use a single board computer to control the machine.

As noted, nominal 20X20" footprint, but actually a little bit less. I presently have mine sitting on a steel tool cabinet (100mm tall, by 480mm wide and 500mm deep, six drawer, and the Nomad is smaller) on a well used Workmate 2 (older Stanley workmate). The tool cabinet is made for (surprisingly enough, as it took me about two years to find this out) holding endmills in standard boxes.

The thing I would look to is a place for dust and chip collection. Lots of options (search the archive). I use a bucket vac that fits under the workmate. I put a fines filter on the outlet when cutting composites and some wood, or other friable materials. I don’t bother with the fines filter when cutting most plastics or aluminum.

Lots of options, but soon enough (when I deal with the base for my lathe) the Nomad will be moving to the top of a heavy rollaway tool cabinet (1200mm long, 500mm deep) to free u some floor space. You might consider a smaller tool chest ( if you are in the US, there is a 22"X26" available from arbor freight, and similar from home depot or lowes) so you have storage and mobility. I am sure similar is available elsewhere in the world as well.

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Thank you both for the prompt responses

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