Alternate controller location / USB length

I am trying to plan out my location of the shapeoko and build a table before it comes. One issue I have is with my shop’s computer location. It will be closest to the front left corner, not the rear right corner. Has anyone tried installing the controller in an alternate location? I am guessing things like the Y and X limit switch cable lengths don’t allow that.

As a backup, what is the longest USB cable anyone has managed to reliably run to their device? I’ll try to move the computer as much as I can, but I am looking at around 15 feet to get to the back right corner.


2 meters/6 feet is the longest which we officially support.

Folks have managed longer using powered USB hubs and active repeaters, but it’s not something which we support.

Most flexible option is to connect a Raspberry Pi, then access it using VNC wirelessly.

Thanks for the info. I saw a post about a raspberry pi running carbide motion, but what is VNC?

Vnc is secure remote desktop software. You can use your computer to remotely connect to a rpi directly connected to your Shapeoko.

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Oh, that sounds fantastic! I’ll look into that one, thanks.

I use a 15ft USB extension cable and haven’t had any trouble. I wasn’t aware that a long extension could cause a problem.

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