Alternative S3 construction to move usable space

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Thank you @cgallery!

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On the McMaster order… I am presuming I need 8 spacers and 8 screws to re-mount the two motors?

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Correct, you need eight spacers and eight screws, but you’re going to have to order the screws in a pack of 50.

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Apparently I have to type this sentence to post my reply!

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Ok this didn’t go according to the plan.

The main issue is the motor doesn’t line up with the pulleys using the new spacers I brought.

It looks like I can move the gear connected to the stepper motor but it won’t budge after I removed the locking bolts…

Thoughts appreciated…

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You have to remove the set screws from the pulley on the motor, and remove/reverse the pulley.

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There might be two set screws in the pulley, after you remove the one you can see, there may be another in there (the second one locks the first one in place)

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Thanks @mikep and @cgallery!

The instructions worked a treat. I took photos of each of the steps, including repositioning the cable drag chain. What’s a good place ‘post’ a full set of instructions based on your notes and my photos?

So the final step, it looks like I can increase Y from 360mm to 425mm. The wiki is down so I can’t figure out how to do this so I can take full advantage of the extra space…

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Right here works well…

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