Alternatives to carbide 3D Touch probe

So I’ve been waiting forever for the touch probe and somehow missed it being on sale. I’m told it will be late February before more are available. So I’m looking for other options now because I really can’t wait 3 more months. Anyone got another one working?

Any of the super cheap “chunk of metal on a wire and a clip” probes work fine for simple Z probing, you just need to know how thick the probe is. The CM software is specifically set up for their probe dimensions for the all probe directions. The triquetra one has seen some use ( I have not used it ) here: Someone else would be able to better discuss how probing works with it though.

Here is a review I did about mine. I still love it and it works great.

My solution was to hook up two wires with alligator clips on the ends , and as I usually work in aluminum hook one end to the cutter , the other to the plate , and then manually change the tool offset to zero. This works for both Z , and X and Y probing . If using wood I just use tin foil wrapped at the appropriate corner . For my needs this works well. I am in the process of switching to bcnc to have greater control and to allow runs with one file with z probing at tool changes .

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