Aluminium / questions / "bouchonnage"

Hello everyone,

I’m coming to you about an upcoming project that has been thinking about for a while.

I have to cork aluminum plates to make car dashboards…

To do this I have to lower the Z axis onto the aluminum plate with a plug cutter (Meules de BOUCHONNAGE)

How would you go about setting a “pause” of X seconds in the low Z position so that the patterns have time to be done…?

Because if I make a kind of hole (drill) it goes up instantly and doesn’t have time to mark the material.

Thank you in advance .

Good evening

I would create a second (if need be) Drill toolpath which starts just above the bottom of the hole and then plunges a tiny distance at a suitable slow speed so as to cause the dwell effect.

The other option would be to check:

and see if there’s a hook into the Drill toolpath to allow adding the Dwell and use that post-processor.

Or write a custom tool to make the G-code.

If you could provide an example set of feeds and speeds and Dwell times and height/depths and stock size and toolpath positions we could look into this with you.