Aluminum Busines Card Help. Bad Results

Bus Card Test.c2d (396 KB)
OK, I thought I had this down but my result of this carve looks terrible. What could I be doing wrong? Is it my font or is there something else wrong with my file?
Ideally, I would like to have a smaller font size. But until I get good results with this size, I better not go that route yet.I have attached my file.

Can you attach photos of what went wrong? The simulation looks OK.

Dah, I thought I did but that was the design file. Sorry here it is.

That font looks funky. Maybe try a different font that is a single stroke. I dont think it looks particularly bad as far as a carve but the font is very distracting to me.

That looks like mechanical issues, mostly deflection — how much are you pre-loading the spring and to what depth are you cutting?


WIll, my first pass on the images I sent and file the pre-loading of the spring was pretty tight. I have since loosened it I would say about half way so the it depresses a little when setting the tool height.
My depth is 0.100.
But I did end up figuring it out. Turned out that the top belt on the gantry was a little loose. I guess that is the X belt. I tightened it and now my results on my test name appear pretty good.
I will reply with my final outcome a little later after I do my final test.

Yes, all looks good for me now. But boy talk about touchy setting the right depth using this MC etcher bit.
This will probably solve the last issue I had with a cut. It came out poorly but I am guessing it was the belt.

Thanks all.

Those work great with lasers… i’m in southeast MN and you are welcome to use my laserif you are close by. I’ve used the CNC on them with limited to no success as well. Good excuse to buy a laser for your CNC lol.

Jarrad, thank you for the offer. I would like to give one a try for sure. I live in Buffalo, NW of Twin Cities. But it might be quite a ways to travel but I would like to keep it in mind.
What kind of laser is it and where can one be purchased and what kind of price are they?

Is there a way to connect off of the forum?

Yup, you are a ways. Ill send you a PM here and we can get in touch off forum.

I have a glowforge, but you can buy cnc mounted lasers for a reasonable price. If this is a one off, feel free to send them here and laser them and send them back.

Brian, I have had good results with the 90 and 120 MC Etchers in brass, aluminum and stainless on an expanded XXL 3. These are small letters on quarter sized dog tags. I favor the 90 and have settled on 0.05 inch “depth of cut”. I dont see too much difference in the quality of the engrave at 0.1 inch but it does become more difficult to hold the piece (double sided tape). At 0.1 inch, the diamond seems to grab the metal a little. Because of the engravers design, my 0.05 inch may not be the same force as yours but I measured my Etchers preload at between 5 and 6 pounds for full depression of the plunger (used my wife’s kitchen scales). If your preload is similar, you might try 0.05 inch DOC. I tend to go as fast as I want.

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Now I want to try this. I haven’t ventured off to metals yet. I’m glad you found the issue BTW.

X looks OK, looks like slop in the Y axis.

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