Aluminum Business Cards - Diamond Drag Engrave

I want to carve some aluminum business cards using the Diamond Drag Engraver bit. Would I want a 90 or 120 degree bit? I have some pretty small SVG’s that I want to try to cram onto the card.

  1. What type of blank aluminum stock do I need to look for and purchase? What exactly am I looking for? I found some on Amazon but looked like they were for lazer.
  2. What bit do I select in Carbide Create? (I do not have the Pro version)
  3. What depth and other settings do I use? Contour? Start depth? Max depth? Retract height on job setup?
  4. Will I get a simulation view of my final project on the toolpaths tab?

Now suppose I want to carve into some granite? What bit and settings would I use there?
How about for corian? Same as granite or different?
Glass or mirror engraving? Would settings be different here?

The more acute (90 degree) tool will be better for cutting into the harder anodization, and will also leave a slightly narrower and cleaner mark.

We have one:

which is in our tool library:

So why would this take so long to carve? 293 minutes seems a long time to me.
I have attached the test file.
MyCarTest.c2d (368 KB)

You have an engraver (#502) selected as your tool not the MC Etcher (#503 or 504). They have radically different feed rates.

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AH. I did not look far enough. That fixed it up dramatically.
Thank you

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