Aluminum extrusion table for HDM

Hi folks,

I’m thinking through an eventual HDM purchase. A few months back, I built a cutting/assembly table for my workshop (see photo) out of aluminum extrusion. It’s mounted on very solid casters, which are solid feet when the table doesn’t need to move (they are also mentioned in another thread here, but it’s now locked). It’s large and in this case has a lot of mass from the MDF top, drawers and so on. Would this style of construction work well for the HDM?

Also some photos of what I had built back in the day for my Shapeoko 3. That was welded steel and completely overkill, but I’m not into welding at the moment. Of course I have the option of building one out of wood relatively easily, but I really liked the result of using the extrusions for the assembly table.


Can not comment on the HDM, BUT, Wow both of those tables are looking rock solid. Great job

Thanks! The cutting table is great to use and very accurate. I’m waffling back and forth on using aluminum for the CNC. It’s a lot of extra expense, planning etc. I might end up building it out of wood.

My steel table I made for the HDM is great, and I did an open design so the aluminum collects under into a chute that goes to a bin. The more stable the better for an HDM and cutting aluminum

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