Aluminum/metal help

I am having trouble determining what metal or aluminum I can cut on the Shapeoko. I see some say Aluminium some say sheet metal. What is the best to use? Or any tutorials that discuss this?

Its really depends on what you want to make. If you can share with us then we can help more in depth.

6061 aluminum is the main goto and can be found in all kinds of shapes, plates, and sheet sizes.


As Vince said, depends on what you are after. Aluminium is no problem for the machine (Vince’s threads have amazing examples of what you can push the machine to do). Also Winston made a long board on the shapeoko XL:

Winston had pretty good videos on feeds/speeds for aluminum:

And this one is about sheet metal (different metals and different machine, but concepts should be the same)


I plan to make things similar to this. I currently use a laser for my sign and home decor business. But have had request for metal outdoor signs.

Those are usually cut with a plasma cutter. I don’t think you’d want to do that type of sign in aluminum. You could cut ACM for large signs, but the one in your image is most likely cut with a plasma cutter or high powered laser.


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