Aluminum vcarved sign

I made this for my my 10 year wedding anniversary since traditional gift is tin or aluminum.

6061 aluminum with 90 degree vee bit.


Did you polish the field before or after the carving?

Polished with some car wax after the carve.


Awesome song and a great looking piece! What brand V-bit did you use? And what software?

The v bit was a 90 degree Harvey 4 flute #15316 . I haven’t found a better bit for wood or metal, despite the number of flutes. I have a whiteside 60 degree bit that everyone recommends, but it doesn’t cut vinyl mask clean when I do two color wood projects.

I found a picture someone made online, did a trace in inkscape, and pulled that into easel. This was .050 deep, which could probably have been reduced to .030 and looked just as good or better.