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Came across this on reddit’s

While I currently have a pretty good arrangement of things for my Shapeoko/Nomad (need to post a new photo to: Anyone found any organizers esp. well-suited to Nomad tools? ) — this seems like it might be a good fit (and I think I could size it so that it would fit in the top of my Craftsman machinist chest (a Kennedy 526 clone).

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funny I seem to have one of those boxes that I got in a lot at an auction it is a cool design the way the tools were in it I bet it could be adapted to tools for the Shapeoko

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From a purely practical point of view, I used similar arrangements for tools when I had jobs to do outside of my shop, but for inside the shop work I wouldn’t want to ‘unfold’ my toolbox to pick out a certain tool to work with.

However, hanging it on the wall fully open might be useful and certainly is a conversation piece.

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My situation is a bit odd, since I have my two machines at home quite separated in the basement, and I need to travel to my mother-in-law’s where I have a 3rd machine, so something small enough to carry around, and it being easily opened/accessible immediately after opening would help a lot — a project for after I finish other things.

Interestingly a hexagon was tried by one person for tools before switching to a design which folds and fits into a bucket:

This reminds me of the “Rolykit” that I used to see advertised on late night TV.

It looks like they’re no longer being made, so the prices people are asking are pretty high.

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