Am I using Advanced V Carve the correct way

First off I love Advanced v carve. I pretty much use it exclusively. It allows me to easily cut objects with big areas and tight areas. Then I fill the area with epoxy.

However in some wood that I use the v bit tends to chip away the wood. It chips it away when the v bit follows the entire outline of the image right after changing from the end mill to the v bit. Curious if this is the only way to get the hard to reach places that a typical end mill can’t get to, or if there is another way? And by other way I mean have the end mill pocket the area and then the v bit just focus on the tight areas and not outline the area already but by the end mill that is able to reach the perimeter of the cut.

Could you post a photo and a sample file?

Sorry for the long delay. There isn’t really a specific file. But take any image that has a point that needs to be cut. I usually use the vcarve option to get as close as I can with the end mill then switch to a v bit to get the point. I only can do this with advanced vcarve. Is there another way? Without editing the file? The only other way I could think of is create a small shape within the original svg file that makes up the point and then vcarve that specific point while pocketing out the rest.

The manual work-around (which is much as you describe) is explained at:

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