Amana Bits "K/Arrow" Marking

I just learned something new, everyone else may already know this but just in case…

On Amana Tool bits, on the shaft there is what looks like a “K” symbol, but it is actually an arrow. And that mark is where the bit should transition into the collet.



Is it a hard guideline? Or just a min. insertion mark?

It’s not referenced at:

and I can’t find it in any of their literature.

It is there min. insert length…can’t remember where I saw it…maybe it was in some of the paperwork of one of the bits I bought…
It seems like if you don’t insert it that far run out is greater

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I asked customer service at ToolsToday after that bit broke inside the collet. They forwarded my question to Amana which replied “The tool was set up incorrectly”. I had inserted the bit too far into the collet, because the “K” mark was inside the collet.

So I think the answer to your question is that is not a minimum insertion point, it is a maximum insertion point. Which is not what I expected, not that my amateur-expectation means anything.

It could also be a bad response, I just wanted to share the knowledge that there is a mark which apparently indicates where Amana wants the tool to transition into the collet. That knowledge base you linked seems to directly contradict the message I received so it appears I might be wasting everyones time here.

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Its in here it says to the mark…thats it. Number 2 on router bit setup

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Freud bits have it marked as minimum…but I don’t use Freud on my cnc. Just on my hand held and table.

Send a picture of the broke part…

Measure your collet length and that length is your minimum insertion. The collet gets maximum grip that way. However do not bottom out a bit in the router shaft. Bottoming out can cause vibration and runout issues, plus the router bit moves up slightly when tightening router bit.

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This is the photo they specifically asked for…

… after seeing this …

By the way, then informed me that they would send me a one-time replacement anyway (so A+ for


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