Amana cutters now at Carbide 3D

We are now selling Amana tooling and we just posted the first batch at:

(Ignore the product copy, we’re still working on it)

We’re selling the tooling for the minimum that Amana allows so they should be a good deal if you’re looking for something more exotic than our standard cutters.

If you have any favorite Amana tooling, let us know. We’re planning to fill out the catalog with some single cutters next and we’re open to suggestions.


Very excited you guys have partnered up. I got these extra long Amana bits recently and very pleased with the results.


The RC-1145 (45 degree) and RC-1148 (60 degree) are without doubt the best V-Carving bits I’ve used, I use my 1145 exclusively for V-Carving, it has lasted me 3 years without the insert needing replacement

From reports the 1/8 and 1/4 downcut bits are some of the best going around too


You guys rock.


I just received my RC1145 today, I should test it soon.

I just wish someone or somewere in the uk offered them. The few I have are amazing but unfortunately ooznest only offer a very small selection. Handling fees from postal services are shocking here in the uk.

You guys should set up a carbide3d store in the uk too :blush:


Amana Tool 51692 is my favorite bit. I use it for V-Carving and also drilling. I can drill alignment holes in a part and then V-Carve it without changing bits.


We have been looking at ways in which this is feasible or at least working on international shipping being improved.


I’m hoping you figure out a cost effective way to ship them. I’d love to give you my Amana business

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Best way is to source someone or somewere that is willing to store a large amount at a time.

I know when I used to import marine fish and coral from around the world by the container load for the shops we were able to negotiate much better prices for customers and it increased the market dominance.

Maybe, just maybe someone to open somewere? Someone from carbide maybe set up a warehouse here? I dont know the ins and outs of carbide or how they stock etc in the states but surely could there not be the possibility of a small stocked warehouse in the uk for central distribution? There seems to be a lot of people over here that use and buy their products and to be honest it would probably give them the market edge over the others too as they would be readily available with upgrades easily attained.

I have personally had enough of the ridiculous handling charges by couriers and postal service here, tax and duty I understand but the handling fees!

The 46350 CNC Solid Carbide Mortise Compression Spiral 1/4 Dia x 1" 4 Shank is the best bit I have found for cutting Baltic Birch ply. Also, I’m hoping you start to include all of these in the Carbide Create tool library.

Very excited to see this development!

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The mini spoilboard cutter (#RC-2248) and replacement knives would be nice.

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What depth of cut, spindle speed (RPM), and feed rate (IPM) do you use for that?

I’m using the settings in Carbide Create for the #201 .25" Flat Cutter Endmill. I tried the feeds and speeds settings for this bit from the Amana site and it was way too fast and deep - got really bad results.

I suspect that the Amana speeds and feeds are meant for industrial machines and that they’ll be too aggressive for machines like Shapeoko. Your instinct to start with speeds and feeds for our tools is probably correct.


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