Amana RC-45716 Tool Setup in CC

Hi Guys,

Has anyone got the Amana RC-45716 v-groove setup in tool database?

I’ve tried to setup using similar v-groove but can’t find any of this particular unit, its got flat tips on replaceable carbide bits and can’t work out how I’d enter into database, Fusion 360 caters for this, but CC is the goto app for speed and ease.

Also is there an explanation of all of the headings, some are self explanatory but others like “Stickout”, wondered if there was a visual representation that references the column headers in tool database to say the image I’ve uploaded, this would make adding tools to database a lot more accurate, rather than guessing.


Carbide Create isn’t able to enter tools with this geometry.

Otherwise it would be entered the same as a V endmill.

We do have similar insert tooling in the Tools library, see the RC-1148

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