Amana tools and tulipwood

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Anyhow, I’m doing a plaque for my daughter and got one of those nice looking amana tool 45° vee bits. I want to v carve in some tulipwood I have so just wandering the best speeds and feeds for this bit. 4mm deep the writing will be. For some reason when I enter the vee bits dimensions in carbide it defaults to a pass depth of 23.7mm so I have to manually adjust to 4mm

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I’m not familiar with Tulipwood but a quick search indicates that it is in the poplar family. I wonder if it is a good candidate for V Carving as it is fairly soft and stringy. When you mention a 45deg V bit do you mean per side or total? The defaults in Carbide Create are not appropriate for the Shapeoko.

According to the Amana F&S chart for V bit, For the 45 deg, Amana recommends a feed rate of 40" a chip load per tooth of .0024" and a plunge of 20". Normally, the F&S from Amana can be at the upper end for the Shapeoko so maybe you want to use this as maximum.

From the @julien F&S calculator I get:
image INPUTS


I have some nice pieces of black mahogany and american oak I can use instead then. Just thought I would venture into making some signs for practice.

Thank you.

Maybe you want to do your experiments on tulipwood then create your masterpiece in Mahogany. FYI, oak can also be hard to carve due to the grain. Maple and yellow birch are also very good.


Many call poplar “Tulipwood Popular”. If you are vcarving with a 45 degree bit you cannot set depth with carbide create. The depth is determined by the width of the line. The bit will try to touch both sides of a line and will cut as deep as it takes for both sides of the 1/2 inch bit to touch both sides at once. If the line is wider than the bit then the depth will go even deeper. . So if the line is 1/2 inch wide the cut will be around 1/2 inch deep. Some of the Vetric projects may set depth but not carbide create. This question of how deep a v carving will be is discussed in many posts to the forum. Please look up some of these before you start.

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Technically you can if you run a contour toolpath with a V bit but not if you choose a VCarve toolpath it depends on the project you want to create.

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Note that while you can assign a V endmill to a contour toolpath at a defined depth, it won’t preview correctly in Carbide Create — correct previews only happen with V carving toolpaths.


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