Ammunition Manufacturing Equipment - WIP

So here’s some of the things I’ve been making with the shapeoko and other things…

Things I’m doing with the Shapeoko 3:

Cutting the faceplates for the machine (still a WIP, it’s mostly melting the plastic)

Cutting the plates and components, some of it is still traditional mill work

Feed funnels (You may see this, you may not, it’s the part with the light switches mounted underneath the machine)

Parts are designed in solidworks, exported to DXF, and then toolpaths are created in Carbide Create. I’m going to try to do a video pretty soon about how all this works.


That is really cool. Gives me other ideas of things i might try in the future.


It’s all about using machines to build machines, perhaps that will in turn build still more machines.

I bought the shapeoko for doing all of the ancillary parts and while there’s been some learning curve, it’s working out excellently.