An amiibo stand for a sword from a video game

A guilty pleasure of mine is a videogame series from Nintendo, Xenoblade Chronicles.

It’s a simple cut from a $1.50 bamboo cutting board from Dollar Tree:

Amiibo_Base_Stand_rev3.c2d (124 KB)

It will be necessary to file/round the bottoms of the posts to fit in the round holes.


My kid loves this game series. I will make sure and show him your latest build.

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For the rest of my collection see:


Also made a notebook:

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I sent my son the link to your post here. He is jealous of your collection. I have been thinking about making some Zelda related items. That has always been my preferred Nintendo game.


I’m flattered!

I’m hoping to find the time to measure my Monado and work up a file to cut out a smaller one which would actually be amiibo scale — the notebook was pretty straight-forward to make (I’m hoping to find time to scan one I imported from Japan so as to make a better one).

Still waiting on the Pyra/Mythra amiibo, and looking forward to the XC3 soundtrack, and I have a Siren model kit arriving presently which I’ll need to make a stand and maybe wings and some other add-ons for.

At one point in time I had a file of 3D models which were ripped from a data mine of one of the games — need to re-visit that and see what it might allow me to make.

Really want to make a replica of Link’s bow from Skyward Sword.

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