An experiment in topography

I decided to try an experiment - carving the topography around my area. This is about 10"x15" douglas fir, and was carved using a 1/4 for roughing and a 1/8 ballnose for finishing.

It’s the area around Mission, BC, and includes some large lakes.

Here’s the start of the finishing pass. This wood was very stringy - I gave it a haircut before running the finish pass.

About 1/2 done the finish pass

Some low angle lighting showing the relief

The topo data came from ‘Touch Terrain’ ( exported as an STL, and converted to G Code using STL2NC (STL2NC - javascript edition)

The photos don’t do it justice really - the piece is very tactile.



I think that would look really cool on a wall, with some lighting around it to show it off.

You could also carve the pattern into a door or wardrobe or something.

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