An important conclusion

As some of you know, I am working in a manufacturing environment. That being said, I have to say I am extremely happy with the performance of my nomad883.

That being said, I am seriously considering buying 2 or 3 more nomads to increase production volume.

my question is, can I run multiple nomads from the same computer, and if so, how would I tell the difference between the machines?

Thank you!

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There’s been some discussion of this in the past — that said, I worry about the USB subsystem on a machine and it managing that many device connections (probably baseless, but this isn’t a configuration which would get much testing).

My inclination would be to suggest that you contact Carbide 3D sales/support and see if the “Carbide Connect” board which they announced would be a good fit — no idea on when it’ll be ready for deployment, but headless operation on a machine is really nice. (I miss it from my 3D printer w/ Smoothieboard and Viki 2 LCD / wheel when using my Nomad or Shapeoko)

EDIT: announcement was here:


Thanks Will! I’ll look into it, and worst-case scenario, I can just buy a couple netbook computers to run the machines LOL

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oh wow, so what I’m reading there, is I can run my toolpaths with meshcam, then load the files onto a flash drive, and input to the machine. Once it has the file, and can do the same thing with the next machine, ad-infinitum.

I love that idea. I dream of the day (might not be THAT far off) that I have 5 or 6 nomads buzzing away in my workshop :slight_smile:

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In a similar vein, I wished that CM allowed you to spec the USB port number in some setup… since I hub (2) controllers in the same box I’d like to control which board is assigned.


I’m using a “Kangaroo PC” to run mine that I bought off a technology addicted coworker. Works great. I run CM 4 on it, and connect to the remote web page on it, which is much nicer than connecting via vnc to the kangaroo.

With some of the other gcode senders, you can select the correct port for the right machine. With CM, you cannot (yet anyway), and it will connect to a random machine. I was trying to do this with a nomad on one hub port, and the SO3 on another. No worky.

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