An interview with our own Winston Moy!



Yeah, I really hope that @edwardrford or @robgrz or @Jorge (or all of them together) will one day write a book à la Jerry Kaplan’s StartUp (which should be required reading for anyone interested in the history of computing technology) or

(which website was so popular it was eventually published as a book, and I’ve always thought it a shame that Bill Atkinson didn’t write HyperCard at NeXT — Objective-C never quite clicked for me)

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It is primarily because of Winston that finalised my decision to go with Shapeoko. There is a wealth of information on the video’s Winston has produced over the years that should you become stuck with an issue it is likely the answer is in one of the videos.
Also if you are keen to test the waters with working with aluminium or some other medium, invariably there is a video there to steer you in the right direction with regards to bits as well as feeds and speeds for a starting point.
Sure there are videos covering other products but I have not seen any covering them in detail and as comprehensively as those produced by Winston.


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