And now for something completely different! Applying a Carbide3d answer to other hardware

I bought a Shoptask 1720XMTC Gold with CNC Brand new from the Manufacturer in the 90s-that was a serious kick in the butt as someone who knew he needed its capacity, but was completely time challenged and ignorant about machining and CNC-I thought it CNC would save me time-and I am sure it would have had I had the time to learn it…I could never get the CNC working well because of the learning curve vs available time-and the fact that it was not supported by any order of magnitude close to how well it was sold. Add to that it requires the use of now seriously obsolete computer hardware I bought the Shapeoko to learn what I had no time to learn and too much trouble with back then, and to do the things that a machine made specifically for hard metals would not do. I will be setting up one end of the shop with the Shapeoko and the other end with the Shoptask. Once I get the shop set up, and the Shapeoko mastered, I will be updating the electronics(and steppers if necessary) for the Shoptask-if it weren’t for the need to add a 4th axis for a rotary table, I would explore if the Carbide GRBL Controller would work with the Hybrid Steppers on the Shoptask…Though the Nema 34s(HY200 3437 400A8) are 4 times the size of the Nema 23s on the Shapeoko. Using the lathe to machine a couple thousanths of the face of an Enkei Mesh 16" wheel in 2005, I also used it to polish wheels with a motor and buff mounted to the tool holder-worked really fast, but fowled face masks so fast I used a CPap machine to get clean air from outside the shop! From first considering the purchase I always planed to make my own wheels on it…,still plan to after the CNC is replaced and functional.


Dont worry, it’s still using the “seriously obsolete computer hardware”.
I just got Mill/Turn last year.

I hear that!
I retrofitted an X2 mini mill a couple years ago to learn with.
I just bought the Shapeoko XXL a few months ago, and I love it. I want to switch to wood full time, just got to find my niche :slight_smile:
The metal work is so slow compared to this wood router stuff.

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Still have it all, and hope to get the CNC moving…if I can find working computer hardware or update the CNC controller…
Bought my 3XL just after the first of the year…still evolving its work area…

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