Anodized Bone Shape Dog Tags


I’ve just got a Drag Bit and planning on engraving anodized bone shaped dog tags, and I was wondering if anyone has happen to do they before and still have the .c2d file that I could look at.

At the moment I’m not sure what would be the best font size or what option to choose for engraving it, (contour, pocket, texture, ect.)

The typesize and font are going to depend largely on the length of the dog’s name and other text you want to include. When my best boy died a couple of years ago, I made some dogbone-shaped pieces in memory of him. I carry one all the time. His name was only five letters long, so I could go larger than if it had been something longer. Also, working in all caps will give you a bit better control. I think you’re going to end up having to do each of them separately so you can customize the size. I’d also avoid serifs for smaller sizes.


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