Another Beer Sign

Made from 3/4" MDF after applying 2 coats of shellac with light sanding after each coat. Let this dry for a couple of days and then sprayed the green base coat, just spray enamel from the hardware store. Let dry for a couple more days and then used the Duck brand Easy Liner. The trick for me has been to make sure this is pressed down thoroughly with no bubbles. If I do see a bubble I’ll just pop it with a pin or knife and press it down again.
Used a v-carve tool path for the text (Algerian True Type) and border with a .25" 60 degree v-bit and then added two additional coats of shellac in these cuts. Let that dry another 2 days and then sprayed with enamel covering for the separate colors.

The beer mug was cut from a piece of pine using a 1/8" end mill with a 0.05 stepover. Sealed this with shellac and then spray a coat of silver followed by a light coat of white for the foam. Masked the foam and sprayed a fog coat of brown over the glass, all with rattle cans, and yes it shows.


I love this, and indeed my mantra lol for good storytelling, well executed!!

Mike, yours looks really good.

So using the aforementioned mask, as I always do, I finally had a serious problem with pulling the mask off. Most of my finish is not paint, but this time was an exception.

I put shellac (non-waxed) down on the MDF and sanded, etc. Over 24 hours dry/cure time for both the shellac and the color coat (Rustoleum “2X Ultra Cover”).

The paint just didn’t stick to some areas. Came right off with the mask.

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Thank you Tex.
Bummer that pulled up on you :frowning:
I’ve found the secret for me is at a minimum, 48 hours between the shellac and enamel paint. Then I give the enamel another 48 hours before applying the mask. Also sand and clean really well before enameling.
Not sure where in TX you are, but I lived in Austin for about 9 years and with the humidity there, I’d try and wait at least an extra 24 hours for a total of 72 between coats and masking.
Finishing for me is the least enjoyable part of woodworking, but if I manage to be patient, I’ll see the occasional “ Wow, it worked…™”
Edit: I sand using 220 between coats, to give the next layer something to bite into. Made the mistake of making it too smooth once with the expected consequence.


“48 hours” sounds like good advice based on this experience for me. Same thoughts here about sanding; I left the shellac rougher than I usually do, since it wasn’t the top coat. I thought I would be OK with multiple light coats of paint. This was the first time that I’ve painted MDF and then masked it for carving.

Yours looks like you have the correct formula, though. +1

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