Another Coaster

Hi me again. Not really sure why I have been making coasters other than they seem to lend themselves nicely to my love of SciFi. Here is a project that I did this past Sunday in a few hours. Still working on my polishing and seem to be making progress. I finally tried the Mother’s aluminum polish that I have heard others talk about on the web and I am very impressed with the way it works. Other than cutting the outer circle, the entire thing was done with a 1/32 square end mill at a depth of 0.004 . The NTS in Replicants is a bit off depth wise as I didn’t check to see if the blank was completely level before starting.


Very nice. Where do you get your blanks?

Hi. I have been using scrap pieces of sign stock that I have had laying around. A buddy of mine gave them to me a while ago. I have been lookin for a place to buy some here in Canada but havnt really followed up on it too much. Do you have any sources?

Thanks. The only source I have used is McMaster, but I’m always looking. Thanks for the response.

Look for scrap places, they usually have a walk-in store area where the put the “not totally trash” stuff for low cost. You have to be a little careful if you need specific alloys, but it’s usually a LOT cheaper than the online folks selling “new” material. Any significantly sized city will have one or more of these (there are several city blocks of them in Minneapolis, for example)

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Thanks Mike. I really appreciate it.

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