Another day, another failure

Today’s effort was also a failure.

It was about 15% complete, when the Nomad stopped moving - the cutter was spinning in place, but there was no further motion. In retrospect, I think it’s possible that the driving computer had gone to sleep, but when I noticed, I thought perhaps a belt had come loose or something, so I went for the emergency stop.

There’s a timelapse recording of this:

Now, the other thing, I let the Carbide AutoScript generate the toolpath. But it seems I have incorrect step-over, or some other issue. I can guarantee the stock was not moving (I had it bolted down quite securely). Or is this a sign of the cutter getting dull, perhaps?

Weird, I had a pretty unexplained failure too today where the nomad didn’t behave as expected. Would be interesting to find out what causes these. If you use a Mac, try caffeine from the AppStore, it’s free and prevents the Mac from going to standby. Oh and here is the link to my post

Thanks for the Caffeine reference, Oliver. I’m now (nearly) certain that the computer sleeping was the problem last go-around.

I managed to have a successful carve!

Now I think I need to track down a better source of hardwood. This was part of a “hardwood assortment pack” from Blick art supplies. I think it’s red oak. It’s not really very hard as woods go.

Does anyone have any recommendations on good hardwood sources?


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Good to hear! looks good!

I am currently trying to figure out an issue that pops up sometimes where the X axis gets suddenly moved by some inches to the left (towards the probe). I am running the same job again to see if the issue comes back. I always have been using Cafeeine to prevent the Mac from sleeping, and i thought that had solved all the issues, until yesterday where the issue with the X axis being off came back.

Back to troubleshooting… Let us know please too if you have the same issue again even though Cafeeine is running.