Another Experiment

I posted here a month ago about a different approach to holding stuff down on the table. I had used aluminum bars to clamp down my stock. In that thread, it was suggested that I use U-channel instead. I’m now doing that, and having much a higher success rate. I do need to figure out a way to waste less stock in the process, though.

Here’s the latest, cut from a sheet of quarter-inch walnut bought at Blick art supplies (too expensive for actual production work, but for an occasional experiment, it’s OK).

The original design. This might have been a good one to try two-sided, but I haven’t yet experimented with any kind of flip-jig or equivalent.

Here it is, in process. You can see the U-channel, which I simply bolt down to the table. At this point, I’m just using nuts as spacers to get the tension correct. My next iteration will be more easily adjustable.

Final product, about 75mm across. This was cut using the 0.0625" ball-end cutter, and final pencil touchup with a 1mm end-mill.



Sharp work Samuel! You mentioned wasting stock- are you limiting the machining region around your design? Also, the flip-jig will be going in the online store soon, so keep an eye out for that.

I’m glad the u-bars are working better, you might want to check the “special” hardware drawer at your local Lowe’s/home depot to see if they have thumb knobs, I’ve seen some decent ones that would work well for this if they have the right threading.

When I talk about wasting stock, I just mean that my current scheme requires that it extend all the way across the table. So even for a 3" medallion, I need a piece of stock that’s close to 8" in one dimension so I can clamp it down.

I’ll come up with a better approach eventually :smile:

Good suggestion about the thumb knobs. I was using wing nuts and spacers, but they were a little too unwieldy.