Another Forum Backup Problem

You may have noticed that the past 6 days of activity have been lost. We had a server problem and then we had a backup failure so this is the most recent data we have.

Sorry for the loss of data. We’ll be looking into how to migrate the data to a more reliable server in the near future to avoid this the next time we have server trouble.


we had a backup failure

Are you able to elaborate at all here? I’m not looking to nitpick your process or point fingers (hingsight is 20/20 after all), just wondering if there are any valuable lessons that can be shared.

Assuming @Julien and @WillAdams are working on reenacting all of the lost conversations?


The built-in backup feature in Discourse generated a seemingly bad backup that would not restore so we had to restore a full server image, which was 6 days old.

I’m not sure if there was a way to fight through the restore problems or not or if it was something we were doing wrong. We decided that it would be better to get back on line quickly with a loss of a couple of days of content.

We would like to get away from our current cloud provider so we’ll be trying a restore from the Discourse backups again in the near future without the pressure of being down completely.


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