Another "Made in USA" source for cutters...Rogue Systems

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Hi all, haven’t seen these guys mentioned yet so thought I’d let everyone know a good, inexpensive source for carbide cutters. Rogue Systems in Oregon.
They have an Ebay store

They claim to be a two man, lights out, automated shop but there is not much about them I can find other then they are listed as a business in Ore.

I’ve purchased a fair number of cutters from them, prices average about $5 a bit for coated 1/8" 3 flute and 4 flute. Free shipping, and fast.



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Thanks for the info Griff. How have the end mills held up? How about the coatings, are they durable? It’s hard to believe they are US made at those prices. Their Ebay account has 100% positive feedback though which says a lot.


(William Adams) #3

Woah. They have threadmills.


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Yeah, I’m going to get one. I haven’t done threads yet.

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I don’t have enough hours on them to give you a good answer at this point, sorry.

I have done a 3hr mill for some aluminum vice parts using one of their “alumacut” 3 flute mills with no issues. No idea what the “coating” is.

I’ve also milled over 4 dozen 4” red oak coasters with the same bit.


(Patricio Suarez) #6

Thanks for the tip!!


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Unfortunately for many the following is on his/her eBay page:

Do you offer international shipping? This seller doesn’t offer international shipping.

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(Evan Day) #8

Thanks @Griff. They look almost too good to be true. Nice prices (especially on the thread mills) and free shipping in the US.

Maybe you guys can answer this sort of related question:
I’m interested in getting a thread mill as well, but feel like I have much to learn on that topic. From what I know, if I wanted to use my SO3 to make 1/4-20 threaded holes, would I buy something like this mill from the Rogue Systems site. That gives me the 20 TPI required, but would that be too big for a 1/4" hole (which is really .257" to .266" diameter depending on your fit tolerance)? Fusion 360 has a thread milling toolpath, but I haven’t tried it.

Edit: Seems like it would work in theory at it is a 3/16" shank, with a .180 cutting diameter. Provided I can use the correct settings in Fusion…


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I’ll be watching for your experience here. My setup is all apart (again :smile:) so I can add an enclosure.


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Just to let anyone know…They sell direct from their website also. If you don’t want to go the Ebay route.

Here is a video of their automated shop…