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Okay question is. Do I need WiFi in my garage to run the xll. My plan is to do my designing using carbide Create on a laptop while in the house. Once everything is created save it to the laptop and then go out into the garage. Connect the laptop to the the xxl via its usb cable and make my project. Is there any reason I need WiFi in the garage?

You don’t need internet for any part of the process. If you design it and run it off the same computer, then it makes like really easy. Carbide Create and Motion are run locally.

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Need? Absolutely not. Handy? Yeah… sometimes…I find I want to surf the web to some reference on feed/speed, or fixturing, or look something up on the forum fairly frequently and I’m glad to have it. But no, definitely not needed.


Thank you everyone you all great.

As others said you do not need wifi for any part of design or production with Carbide Create and Carbide Motion. However if you use Fusion 360 you need internet because it is cloud based. You can run Fusion 360 without internet but many features are not available. So if you stay with Carbide Create/Motion no internet is required. Some other products for CAM/CAD require internet access.

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