Another Newbie question

I have these, I guess they are called bit setters. Now should I be using them in tandem or would one be enough. It seems like I tend to buy too many things, sorry.


You should use one or the other. When you probe you have to pick v1 or v2. The top one is v1 and bottom is v2. The v2 is designed to use with pins supplied with v2. You can use the bits with v2 but it is best with precision pins.

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Those are BitZeros. Only one needed per machine.

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As @RoughDraft40 noted, these are BitZeros.

The older BitZero v1:

is rather nice for jobs which don’t want tool changes, esp. on machines w/o a BitSetter.

The newer v2:

has a nice synergy w/ the BitSetter since it expects one to do endmill changes for the probing pins and so forth, but conversely, it’s nice for unsupported endmill sizes, since the probing is invariant of endmill diameter if one can probe w/ the endmill directly.

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