Another One - Shapeoko that is

For months I tried to find someone within 50 to 100 miles who had a Shapeoko. No luck.

Two months ago via a local newspaper article I found a gentleman that lives 8 blocks from me who had a Shapeoko XXL. We have met a few times and exchanged stories of the learning curve. Some successes, some, er, less than stellar attempts :slight_smile:

We were chatting this evening when he casually mentioned that a friend he has known for years just accepted delivery of a Shapeoko Pro. His friend also lives in our town of 2400 people out here in south central Kansas.



There is nothing like having a woodworking buddy. I live in a rural area and have not found anyone that is interested in woodworking. I have been to some wood turning club meetings over in Tyler and Texarkana but since covid they are not meeting. Plus they are 2+ hours away.

Nice to have a community local or like this one.



I met Shapeoko owner #3 in our little town.

It was quite a trek only to find him still at work. I left my contact information with a family member and bid adieu. I was halfway home when I heard my name being called. Owner #3 had arrived home minutes after I left and learned I had come calling.

After formal introductions we returned to his home and spent the next hour touring his shop and discussing CNC and woodworking.

Then I headed home once again. All of a 5 minute walk as our homes are separated by 3 blocks (2 as the crow flies).

So we now have three Shapeoko owners within 1/2 mile of each other. A Shapeoko3 XL, A Shapeoko 3 XXL, and A Shapeoko Pro XXL



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