Another v carve.. Complete with a rookie mistake

(Richard Herring ) #1

Can you spot it?


(Stephen Gullage) #2

Missing a tooth on the left side?

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(Julien Heyman) #3

Hi Richard,

This looks great ! Could you please share what material and process you used ?

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(Richard Herring ) #4

@MaxamillionX72 Bingo! The original svg file had those two teeth a little too close together for my liking. So I ungrouped everything and spaced them out a bit more and forgot to group them back in… Meh, maybe I’ll fabricate some metal teeth or something and stick them in there… I’m thinking gold and diamonds should look nice?? :ok_hand:


(Richard Herring ) #5

@Julien Thanks Julien… The material used is ebony veneer on birch 3/4 plywood with high gloss lacquer over it all…
End mill I used was a Freud v-groove 1/2" @ 60degree (#20-152) .

For the process, well everything you see is a svg file I either made or found online and just put them where I thought appropriate. Alot of ctrl-c was going on :joy: there is probably an easier way to do everything but I’m still new to cc and it seemed to work out for me this time…


(travis) #6

I love a bit of Ctrl-C, flip and rotate when doing these sort of designs - one design element and a few copy pastes and you feel so productive haha

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