Another Vcarve and vectors question

I think I’m getting it, just not all of it. I think I understand the Vcarve depth issue and it only cutting deep enough for the bit to cut the proper width. I guess I’ m still on learning curve with vectors, open or closed, and their affect on Vcarve.

I’m designing a sign and I’ve included the interconnecting hearts from the stock library,

Since the vectors cross, they aren’t really closed, right? What I’m not quite getting yet, is when I select both hearts, I don’t get any boolean options, is this also because of the vectors crossing. And to close them, I’d have to trim them at the intersections? I’ve tried this process on another design, and it didn’t make me cry, but I did get something in my eye! I’m saying it kicked by butt, for something that I would think would be simple.
Guess I’m asking what process do you more experienced users prefer/use?

Thanks for any insight!!

It’s just a matter of drawing in some geometry so that you can get closed geometry.

Draw in a rectangle from center to corner:

scale down by 0.5:

drag into alignment:

copy-paste the original geometry to duplicate it in place:

Select it and the rectangle:

Use the Trim Vectors tool:

Then select the trimmed geometry and the geometry which you wish to close:

and use the “Join Vectors” command:

Repeat until you arrive at:


interlockinghearts.c2d (34.8 KB)

Thanks, Will! You’re like Alexa, I ask and you almost always have the answer. You are appreciated, sir.