Another week-end, (yet) another trivet

Feeding my trivet/bamboo addiction (again), starting from a 1.2" thick bamboo…trivet

V-carved a vector I liked from Etsy (I have been lazy recently, and if someone can make a few bucks by saving me some time hunting for the perfect SVG or creating it myself, then so be it):

Poured the epoxy and torched the bubbles,

Interestingly, after it hardened, I noticed the vector pattern showed on the top surface…

There are times when you know you should wait a couple more hours for the epoxy to be completely hard, but the end of the week-end is near and you can’t resist, so you proceed with surfacing it anyway,

A little clean-up required on the walls here and there, nothing too bad,

So I merrily removed the trivet from the wasteboard, only to discover that the epoxy had found its way ALL THE WAY THROUGH 30mm OF BAMBOO…“endgrain” bamboo looks nice, but…it is in fact a series of tiny tubes glued together, and for that piece I happened to try that new epoxy bottle I received that has much lower viscosity than usual, so…


Anyway, mistakes were made, addiction has been tamed (for now), and now I have one more trivet to force on family or friends.


This thing looks so amazing… Tripping good 10/10 I would cut my finger off :sweat_smile:


Try this one next.


I have seen a bunch of web ads for Tee shirts and floor rugs that have optical illusions of a hole you would drop into on the floor or like the above with a twist or hole in the middle. Cool design.

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