Another Z axis issue - Started after issue

I have been using the touch probe for a couple months now and it has been working great up until a week or so ago. Now when I use to set the z-axis it still puts in the (31mm) height like always but when it goes to cut the wood, it is high by about .25 mm.

It did happen right around the time the Carbide motion wigged out on me. I was jogging the machine and it randomly kept adjusting the z-heigh into the wasteboard (made a clicking sound a couple times when it couldn’t go further) and then retracted back up and did the same (clicking sound because it couldn’t go higher- don’t know why z-limit button didn’t stop it). It seems to work fine after all that and never did this again. What could have screwed up - it was like my button presses were doing nothing and then the machine initialized itself right after and was good.

I have confirmed that it isn’t a curve in the wood or wasteboard and if I manually set the Z axis and zero it out the machine and z-height works just fine. I have checked and tightened the tension on the z-belt and it didn’t change anything. If figured if the belt was damaged or slipping I would see it when I manually jog it and it wouldn’t be consistently .25 off of the wood on every project.

Please see:

If that doesn’t help, contact us at and we’ll do our best to work through this with you.

Thanks for that info. Not sure I am 100% following where to do this, but understand the concept of doing it. I will try and find additional resources on this subject and give it a whirl tonight.

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