Antistatic Acrylic?

I’m in the process of building out an enclosure for my Shapeoko. I live in a dry climate where static risk is higher. Planning on going with acrylic on all sides but have a few questions around that…

  1. Would it be beneficial to go with acrylic with antistatic/electrostatic-dissipative properties? The cost seems to be threefold higher, which I’m fine with if there is a significant enough benefit.

  2. Does layering acrylic (with or without space in between) affect static dissipation one way or another?

  3. A bit unrelated, but is there a risk of static within the environment of the machine causing combustion when milling certain woods or carbon fiber?

Here is a thread that discusses some issues with acrylic. I challenge those who think they've solved the grounding issue to - #21 by LiamN


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