Any F360 users Help needed!

I have been messing with fusion for abut 3 weeks now and have run into a brick wall … I designed a fishing lure body from T splines in Fusion. I wanted to add surface details, gills,eye socket,gill plates,etc to the solid body. I offset a work plane approximately -.75" and created a sketch on the offset plane. I would like to project the sketch to a specific area of the body so that those details can be shaped and contoured. Any help for a brother from another mother?

That should be fairly straightforward with 360, but the screenshot you posted makes it kind of hard to understand quite what is going on. Can you share a f360 workspace? It looks like the geometry you drew for the details is closed (good) and that you’ve converted the t-spline solid to brep (also good).


is this what you mean??

No – open the data panel and right click your project. There is an option to “share public link” (see attached screenshot). Create a public f360 link and post it here, it will allow anyone looking at your design to manipulate it in a browser to see what’s going on. Got ya! This is great feature of F360!!

I made some progress I was able to move the sketch to the designated area. I watched a bunch of tutorials on embossing text and extruding and still am at a loss. When I extrude the sketch thru the body it was a mess any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Have you tried asking on Autodesk’s Fusion 360 forum (link below)? The user community there is chock full of great Fusion modeling and CAM talent and they are always ready to help. I have no doubt that you will get some timely and useful suggestions for performing the operations you are attempting on your model.

Be prepared to export your Fusion project file as a .f3d archive and attach it to your forum post. (File -> Export in F360, save this file to your local machine)

Link to the Fusion 360 forum for modeling-related questions:
Autodesk Fusion 360 Design forum
(use the same credentials that you use to log into Fusion 360)

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@Blackjack You’re going to want to upload the .f3d file here or allow your shared model to be downloaded.

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