Any good laser attachments?

I’ve had my shapeoko for a couple years now and I love it. I’m finding, I’m doing more and more projects that could be well adapted to a laser engraver supplement. I’ve seen a couple that claim they will seamlessly integrate with the shapeoko but it’s a sizable investment to be wrong. Just wondering if anyone has a recommendation. Or is currently using one that the love as much as the machine it’s self.

I’m sure it’s somewhere down the list of topics but I scrolled and didn’t see anything.

I have the JTech one and it’s been great for me. Safety features I liked the most. Any laser module can be integrated with the Shapeoko as long as its intensity control interface is a 0-5V analog input, that’s the only catch. And then if they provide a Shapeoko-specific mount that makes your life much easier.
Make sure whatever you choose comes with decent eyewear for protection, or buy good goggles separately.


JTech for me, too. Mine is 7W which is plenty for what I use it for.

I don’t “cut” much, but I do a lot of “engraving” with it. Its quick and with my mods on the mount; consistently accurate.

I’ve had help from others (primarily @wb9tpg Gary & @neilferreri) to get started in a good way.

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JTech with Lightburn software, great combination.


+1 for JTech and Lightburn combo

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Mostly engraving and accent work. I don’t have any cutting plans.

Thanks for helping me piece my decision together.

For the price of a J-tech you can also get a similar powered complete machine and not have to tie up your shapeoko.

I have an Atomstack laser that works great with light burn.

Just another option to keep in mind.


It seems Jtech seems to be the way to go.

Thanks for all the info