Any good recommendations on 1/8 inch bits?

Hi all. Long time lurker, first time poster here. (hoping this post finds it’s appropriate home)

I had a Amana tools 1/8 inch bit (can’t remember the # - spektra coated) I used it fine for a while and then it just snapped. (user error more than likely).

That said, I’m looking for a quality 1/8 inch bit - 1/4 inch shank (cause I don’t have the precision collet or adapter for accepting 1/8 inch shanks). I guess albeit, a 1/8 inch downcut, upcut, (compression bit - if that’s a thing with this kind of bit - I’m still learning.

I mostly cut plywood (baltic birch), mdf, and a variety of hardwoods. I’d just like something for cutting smaller profiles/cutouts with lettering and numbers that a 1/4 inch bit can’t do on certain designs I have drafted.

Anything that is relatively affordable and still quality (I know that combo is hit or miss) but even if it was a pack of multiple because I’m sure this last bit wont be the last one I break. :upside_down_face:

Any help is greatly appreciated and I’m thankful for such a great community! :slight_smile:

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Endmills w/ a 1/4" shank are going to be quite a bit more expensive than those w/ a 1/8" shank — the big advantages are the convenience, and the better dimensional tolerance.

If money is a concern, get a 1/8" precision collet, either ours:

or from Elaire Corp.

I’ve had good luck w/ both our endmills, and some which I purchased from Carbide Tool Source.

I should have prefaced that I’m using a SO3 XXL with the makita router so it doesn’t appear based on the site that the collet works with anything but Carbides router?

Also, I will look into carbide tool source now! Thanks! :slight_smile:

The precision collets which we offer for the Carbide Compact Router also fit the Makita RT0701/0700 — they use the same collets, bearings, and brushes.

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Thanks for the quick response, Will! :call_me_hand:

These are the bits I use, I can’t say I’ve broken one other than the Micro’s 1/64 & 1/32 so they are very good bits. I have dulled a few I guess, They still cut clean lines but I can hear a difference starting after a few hundred hours use so I chang them since they are so cheap.


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