Any guidance on textures please

I am probably missing something here and I dare say something some and obvious too, however, I cannot get a texture to not tile. I put one on something and it just tiles it and I seem to have no control over placement. I just want to use a while image, it’s an optical illusion but is the same no matter what I use.

Also they come out as just a straight cut into wood without sloping nicely and giving a nice depth to it. Not sure if that makes sense or not.

I’m just really puddles though.

You should be able to rotate the texture, place it in a piece of geometry the size you want the pixel image texture in Carbide Create Pro to be, and then set things as desired.

If that doesn’t work, post the file here and we’ll look into it with you.

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This is what’s happening all the time no matter what the image

The textures feature is designed to tile — if you don’t want the repeat you need to place the image in geometry the same proportion, or which crops the graphic.

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Got it cheers Will. Knew it was something simple I was missing. I was kinda hoping I could move the textures position

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