Any idea how to approach making a branding iron like this?

It looks like they are using a combination of engraving bit and bullnose tapered bits with to achieve beautiful precision and detail. Studying how to make high-resolution branding irons with a Nomad 883. How to achieve some of these passes with Fusion 360 elude me. Any suggestions?. Possible with the Nomad 883, right?.


Export an STL and use MeshCAM?

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Well, yeah, it’s a few tool paths and will take a little work. Absolutely possible with the Nomad. Once you’ve got what you want modeled, the toolpaths are not super difficult, but totally non-obvious when you’re getting started. I’d strongly recommend you watch some of the fusion videos from NYN CNC (youtube) or some of the tutorials over at autodesk for fusion CAM.

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