Any idea what's causing these?

(Michael Hoffman) #1

Been running a pocketing toolpath that I’ve done many times successfully. On occasion I get these raised connections from letter to letter, you can see in the attached photo. Not showing up in vectric software. Using a 1/8" EM with a .25 for clearing. Not sure if it thinks there’s not enough room for the bit to fit, eventhough there is? 95% of the time I do not get these, and I haven’t changed anything with this part of the file. Any ideas?

(Phil Thien) #2

You positive that doesn’t show up in the 3D preview?

(mikep) #3

That’s what it looks like when what you’re using to generate the gcode can’t “fit” the tool into the space. You’re using the exact-same-gcode-file or regenerating the gcode from a design file?

(Neil Ferreri) #4

Can you share your file or gcode for the detail operation?

(Michael Hoffman) #5

Let me double check the file in vcarve tomorrow to verify they aren’t on there. I’ve made different files changing an element in the middle of the design but never touch this pocket. Thanks for the help I’ll get back

(David Hood) #6

Did you re-zero Z when you changed from the 1/4 to the 1/8?

(Michael Hoffman) #7

Okay… problem solved. Somehow unchecked “project onto 3d model” for the 1/8 bit. The clearing bit was still cutting to full depth through the entire pocket, where the 1/8 bit did not. Thanks guys

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