Any issues with the New Version (1/3/2022) cant get it on my PC

Is anyone else having issues with the website to download the new version of CC? All I get is the page and it says (Getting Version) and the grey arrow just keeps spinning. Ive done everything, even went as far as factory restting my PC. Went through my phone, downloaded it, transferred the download to my phone and can design with it, but when I go to use the Simulator it shows the rapids and toolpath…but no sim (i.e wood, MDO, Aluminum) any ideas on whats going on? Never had any issies with the older versions…or this PC for that matter…

I don’t have any problem accessing the download. However, I don’t see a new version on 1/3. The versions I see are 6.23 (released 12/1) in production and 6.24 (released 12/17) in Beta.


If you continue to have this difficulty after clearing cookies and starting at:

let us know at and we’ll get this worked out with you.

Will…what is the current production release and beta? I ran the CC page in Incognito mode and it shows 623, so I’m guessing there is no cache issues here.

The current production release is 623, the current beta 624

I downloaded the latest version. I already have motion on my lap top which is what I connect to my machine. The main issue I have is that when I go to simulate my project, it shows the tool path and rapids, but no simulation. deleted cookies and would uninstall and reinstall the program, but scared to do that based on the fact that my PC wont load the page…This PC is 12 years old though, might just be time for a new one.

Please update your video card and OpenGL drivers.

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